About me

I am one of seven children raised in a devout Catholic household. Much of my life has been a struggle to understand who I am, and how best I can contribute to the world. No surprise, it turns out that I'm not the person my 12 years of Catholic education, church every Sunday, and the Bible tried to teach me I am.

Accepting my true self, and believing that I am worthy as I am, has not been easy – because of those old Catholic tools: guilt and shame. They are what give the church its power over women. We feel guilty, we feel ashamed, and so we are compliant.

I've written a longer blog post about me, and about why I created this blog. You'll find it here.

Here’s what you can expect

I’ll be posting new articles once or twice a month. You can subscribe to be notified when I publish a new article. Or you can come back periodically, to see what’s new.

I invite you to comment on posts that resonate with you. If you'd like to contact me, I look forward to hearing from you!  




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